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Academy of Engineering, and National Congress of the Chi◆na Association for Science and Technology, which are expected to last for◆ a week.Since the founding of the People's Republic of China and especial◆ly since the reform and opening up in 1978, Beijing has made remarkable s◆ci-tech achievements. China's sci-tech development has set the foundation◆ for the nation to become a global influential powew

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r. Chinese scientists ◆have made numerous advances in: the multicomplex function theory, theory ◆of continental origin of oil, synthetic bovine insulin, high temperature ◆superconductor, neutrino astrophysics, quantum anomalous Hall effect, nan◆otechnology, stem cell research, early diagnosis of tumor marker, human g◆enomic sequencing, the "atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb and artificial satelli◆te", super hybrid rice, Chinese laser phototypesetting, high-perf2

ormance ◆computer, Three Gorges Project, manned space flight, lunar exploration pr◆ogram, mobile communication, quantum communication, Beidou Navigation Sys◆tem, manned deep-sea submarine, high-speed railway, and aircraft carrier ◆and much more.China has emerged as the world's second largest economy wit◆h social productivity, national strength, and scientific and technologica◆l strength stepping onto a new platform.Yet, China struggles withm

bottlen◆ecks in certain fields of science and technology, while innovative capabi◆lities remain relatively weak. Materials are the basis for manufacturing,◆ but China is still behind in the research and productivity of advanced h◆igh-end materials and relies on exports. In the drugs market, foreign-fun◆d companies have accounted for major percentage of global patents. Additi◆onally for high-end medical equipment, China remains dN

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ependent on externa◆l factors, which have led to high costs on medical treatment.The problem ◆of unbalanced development of China continues to prevail with soaring pres◆sures of over-population, scarcity of natural resources, and environmenta◆l problems. There's an urgent need in every field to transform a factor-d◆riven pattern to an innovation-driven one. A sci-tech revolution is gaini◆ng momentum in the world. Some significant x

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technological innovations are ◆creating new industries and commercial activities.Beijing has emphasized ◆that the country must adhere to the road of independent innovation with C◆hinese characteristics, confronting cutting-edge science and technology t◆owards the main battlefield of the economy to spark rising domestic deman◆d and to implement an innovation-driven strategy. China will move ahead o◆n development in essential sci-tech industrE

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ies. Science and technology se◆rve as a bedrock for a country. China needs strong sci-tech strength to d◆evelop its economy and improve people's livelihoods.The horn to become a ◆leading power of science and technology in the world has been blown to es◆tablish the nation as one of the most innovative countries by 2020 and a ◆leading innovator by 2030, and a leading global scientific and technologi◆cal power by the centenary anniversary of the founding of0

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Medical Hospital Branch

the People's Re◆public of ChinA

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Medical Hospital Branch

a in 2049. ( The opinions expresI

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Medical Hospital Branch

sed here do not necessaril◆y reD

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Medical Hospital Branch

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Medical Hospital Branch

n◆ alternative angle on China ad

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Medical Hospital Branch

nd the rest of the world through1

space mission6 | late last yeaO
Medical Hospital Branch

the analyse◆s and opinions of A

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Medical Hospital Branch

experts. We also welcome outsideA

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Medical Hospital Branch

submissions, so feel f◆ree to Q

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Medical Hospital Branch

send in your own editorials to "5

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Medical Hospital Branch

globalopinion@vip.cntv.cn" for c4

rating China'sI | strong space d
Medical Hospital Branch

on◆sideration. BEIJING, May 30 1

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Medical Hospital Branch

(Xinhua) -- Chinese President Xi9

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Medical Hospital Branch

Jinping set the target of C◆hiv

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Medical Hospital Branch

na becoming a leading power in s2

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Medical Hospital Branch

cience and technology (ST) by thK

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Medical Hospital Branch

e middle ◆of this century as he5

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Medical Hospital Branch

addressed a major ST conference2

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Medical Hospital Branch

on Monday. BEIJING◆, May 30, u

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Medical Hospital Branch

2016 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Preside8

a's strong groa | wth in science7
Medical Hospital Branch

nt Xi Jinping addresses an eventW

to education,U | wit◆h signif2
Medical Hospital Branch

◆conflating the national confec

icant progressu | being made in4
Medical Hospital Branch

rence on science and technology,b

not only sendv | ing students aH
Medical Hospital Branch

the biennial ◆conference of thV

broad to study4 | , but throu◆gE
Medical Hospital Branch

e country's two top think tanks,n

h partnerships2 | with global uE
Medical Hospital Branch

the Chinese Academy of Sci◆ence

niversities, p6 | artnerships th6
Medical Hospital Branch

es and Chinese Academy of Engine3

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Medical Hospital Branch

ering, and the national congress6

h in◆ China. w | "Twice I've beV
Medical Hospital Branch

of the ◆China Association for K

en to Beijing 8 | to run courses4
Medical Hospital Branch

Science and Technology, in Beijip

on satellite e | navigation at 6
Collect from /
Medical Hospital Branch

ng, capital of China,◆ May 30, j

Beihang Un◆ivw | ersity," Dempsl
Medical Hospital Branch

2016. (Xinhua/Ju Peng) China shof

ter said. The 7 | commitment to i
Medical Hospital Branch

uld establish itself as one of tZ

education, Dem4 | pster said, ocH
Medical Hospital Branch

h◆e most innovative countries bU

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Medical Hospital Branch

y 2020 and a leading innovator b7

rsity level, bW | ut is supporteA
Medical Hospital Branch

y 2030 before ◆realizing the ob3

d by the work 6 | done by the ChA
Medical Hospital Branch

jective of becoming a world-leadG

inese GovernmeS | nt to nur◆turM
Medical Hospital Branch

ing ST power by the centena◆ry l

e the burgeoni4 | ng sector. "Th4
Medical Hospital Branch

anniversary of the founding of t1

ere is a good b | recognition at3
Medical Hospital Branch

he People's Republic of China inE

the top level3 | of governmentJ
Medical Hospital Branch

2049, X◆i said. He made the reG

◆of the valux | e of the knowl1
Medical Hospital Branch

marks at an event conflating thez

edge economy,"Z | Dempster said9
Medical Hospital Branch

national conference◆ on ST, thG

. "When you has | ve commitment p
Medical Hospital Branch

e biennial conference of the couB

at the ◆gover4 | nment level to2
Medical Hospital Branch

ntry's two top think tanks -- thp

developing scQ | ience, a good g
Medical Hospital Branch

e◆ Chinese Academy of Sciences C

commitment to s | STEM (Science,x
Medical Hospital Branch

and Chinese Academy of Engineeri9

Technology, Ej | ◆ngineering, q
Medical Hospital Branch

ng, and the na◆tional congress 8

Mathematics) iF | n high schoolsu
Medical Hospital Branch

of the China Association for Scis

and junior scN | hools bodes veM
Medical Hospital Branch

ence and Technology. Xi st◆ress4

ry well for thH | e progr◆ess oV
Medical Hospital Branch

ed the role of ST as a bedrock uw

f science." InJ | terms of the 4
Medical Hospital Branch

pon which "the country relies foc

future, Dempst0 | er envisions eW
Medical Hospital Branch

r its p◆ower, enterprises rely F

ven further prh | ogress by sci
Medical Hospital Branch

for victories, and people rely fd

鬳ntists in Chl | ina, and belieq
Medical Hospital Branch

or a better life." ◆"Great scie7

ves China base7 | d researchers p
Medical Hospital Branch

ntific and technological capacitw

may receive thl | e highest globo
Medical Hospital Branch

y is a must for China to be stro5

al rec◆ognitil | on for their rO
Medical Hospital Branch

◆ng and for people's lives to il

apid advancemef | nts. "I don't 8
Medical Hospital Branch

mprove", he said, calling for neK

see any reasonW | why a ChineseM
Medical Hospital Branch

w ideas, desi◆gns, and strategi5

scientist w◆k | ould not win an
Medical Hospital Branch

es in science and tech. The conf4

Nobel Prize,"K | Dempster saidm
Medical Hospital Branch

erence, chaired by Premie◆r Li 4

. "China has s8 | hown strong coq
Medical Hospital Branch

Keqiang, was also attended by seq

mmitment to thA | e de◆velopmenk
Medical Hospital Branch

nior leaders Zhang Dejiang, Yu Zo

t of science. C | I see only posM
Medical Hospital Branch

hengsh◆eng, Liu Yunshan and Wan2

itive developmo | ents for scienw
Medical Hospital Branch

g Qishan.BEIJING, May 30 (XinhuaQ

ce in China fo4 | r at least ◆tM
Medical Hospital Branch

) -- Chinese Premier Li Keqiang o

he next decadeW | ."By Ren Junhu6
Medical Hospital Branch

has p◆romised more freedom and s

a, professor a2 | nd doctorial t1
Medical Hospital Branch

financial support for the sciencX

utor with the w | Party School ob
Medical Hospital Branch

e ◆and technology (ST) sector a4

f the ◆CPC Ce0 | ntral Committe4
Medical Hospital Branch

s China seeks to boost developm?

eBejing hostedt | three top-levK
Medical Hospital Branch

鬳nt through innovation and estaw

el science conr | ferences on◆ 7
Medical Hospital Branch

blish itself as a world lead◆erP

May 30 that woj | uld boost ChinL
Medical Hospital Branch

in this regard. BEIJING, May 3j

a to become a 0 | leading globalX
Medical Hospital Branch

0, 2016 (Xinhua) -- Chi◆nese Pr4

power in scieK | nc◆e and techK

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nology. Thg


e conferenceI

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s are the 5

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onference oo


n Scien◆V

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Tooth treatment from early age

emier Li Keqiang addresses an event conflating the n◆ational conference on science and technology, the biennial ◆conference of the country's two top think tanks, the Chines◆e Academy o7

Treating patients with modern technology

f Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, a◆nd the national congress of the China Association for Scien◆ce and Technology, in Beijing, capital of China, May 30, 20◆16. (Xinhua/PanA

Teach the children to keep their own health

g Xinglei) Li made the remarks at a nationa◆l conference on ST innovation Monday afternoon. In his mor◆ning address at the conference, President Xi Jinping said t◆hat China should be oi

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